Loan programs

Small business loans

    Bank loan process loan units must meet several basic criteria:

    1, subject to the approval of the State administration for industry and Commerce established, registered and licensed;

    2, conduct independent accounting, independent, self-financing. That enterprise has independent engaged in production, and circulation and other business activities of power, has independent of business funds, and independent of financial plans and statements, relies on itself of income to compensation spending, independent to plans profit and loss, independent foreign signed purchase and sale contract;

    3, and comply with policy Act and bank credit, and settlement management system, and by provides in Bank open State basic account and General deposits account;

     4, there will be a market;

    5, there is a certain amount of their own funds;

    6, production and operation efficiency;

    7, misappropriated funds;

    8, abide by the credit of more than more than 10 items.

    should also meet the following conditions:

    1, repaying capability, original for loan principal and interest have been repaid, no reimbursement has been made a repayment plan approved by the Bank;

    3 meets the requirements of banks, asset-liability ratio and so on;

  &Nbsp;  2, for the annual inspection procedures by the industrial and commercial administration departments.

    loan application fact sheet

    asked to fill out two copies, stamped with the company seal, the person providing the legal name and legal entities entrusted him carte blanche in loan processing instructions, corporate profile.

    loan application form

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