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Provident Fund loans

   , provident mortgage

    18 years old Chinese citizens has a provident fund local buying second-hand houses in Changsha in Changsha city. Must deposit the second-hand House of 30%-40%. Loans purchased by house price 60%-70%.

   , provident mortgage

    workers who have participated in the system of housing accumulation Fund, purchase, construction, renovation and major repairs in owner-occupied housing, due to lack of other ownership title as collateral loan application to the Housing Fund Management Center housing common reserve fund loan.

    business characteristics

    condition: Changsha, with provident fund schemes, and have paid for more than a year. No repeated bad records name has a mortgage loan. Specific information, please consult)

    collateral: purchase

    period: up to 25   the maximum amount of 300,000

    repayment: monthly

    interest:  the benchmark month interest Thousands of 3.375

    inscribed: cash credit account

    processing range: Changsha xingsha

    services: network client rates mortgage fees 3.5% responsibility, mortgage rate credit 4% figuring there is no need to pay any fee

  &Nbsp;  time: 12 working days inscribed

    commitment: progressive mortgage fees did not succeed does not charge any fees


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