Loan programs

Second-hand housing mortgage loan

    loan definition

    personal purchase sale House House property certificate, can circulate on the market when trading houses or commercial buildings, pays a certain percentage of down payment and the rest to purchase real estate as collateral, loan application to the Bank, that is, for second-hand commercial mortgage loans.

    application object:

    has paid part of the purchase, but the lack of ability to continue to pay the remaining purchase buyers.

    all intermediary companies, property management companies and developers.

    business characteristics:

    secondhand goods houses, villas, apartments, housing, have bought houses, demolished houses, commercial room can handle;

    the maximum loan amount for housing 80%, the maximum loan amount for commercial 60%;

  &Nbsp;  from lawyers, insurance;

    early repayment does not collect the penalty;

    outlets, and repayment convenience.


    at 65 years of age have full civil capacity of a natural person;

    with a stable job and a stable income, ability to repay the loan principal and interest as scheduled;

    Housing loan term and a maximum of 35 years of age, term of the loan and borrower's age should not exceed 65 years;


    complete related procedures, within 10 working days


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