Loan programs

Mortgage refinancing


    by Yin Shun loan guarantee, the borrower after the original mortgage to pay off, with housing as collateral for a bank to apply for a mortgage loan, increase credit lines, can also be returned to the original mortgage insurance premiums while you enjoy better services. Increase the line of credit can be used for business management education, buying a car, decoration and other purposes. My company can help real people Fund repayment of existing loans, capital appreciation of property value and has also lend out again. Low Fund fees, handling shortcut.

    duration of loans, loans


    70% House are the highest appraised value of the loan amount.

    conditions necessary for borrowers

    with identity cards, in the age of 22-65 natural;

    with a stable job and a stable income and ability to repay the loan principal and interest as scheduled;

    original loan repayment in good condition;

    information provided by the borrower shall

    a couple ID card, residence booklet, marriage certificate (such as single provides a single proof), two one-inch photo;

    income certificate and the copy of business license copy (stamped);

     Certificate of original

    loan related material.

    bank interest rates and repayment

    banks over the same period the interest rate commercial loans the bank interest rates or float;

    loan term up to one year, you can choose monthly or quarterly interest, due a one-off debt-repayment; loans for more than one year, May choose monthly principal and interest or principal payments.


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