Loan programs


    loan definition

    long Fuzhou housing may be made to the Bank for mortgage loans, collateral including commercial, private, House, Villa, apartment buildings, office buildings, facades, etc. More than 40 square meters are available for loan.

    application object:

    owns all property rights of spouses, parents, relatives, can be traded, may apply for loans from banks.

    business characteristics:

    personal consumption on consumer loans are very versatile;

    the maximum loan amount for housing 70%, the maximum loan amount for commercial 60%;

    loan terms up to 20 years;

    from lawyers ' fees;

    early repayment does not collect the penalty;

    outlets, and repayment convenience.


    have full civil capacity of a natural person;

    has a stable income;


    complete related procedures, 10 day lending (including evaluation, loan, loans, mortgage registration 4 processes)

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