How to use borrowing to meet their own shortage of funds

    not only a civil idle funds investments, and solve a personal or business cash flow difficulties ... Rational use of private lending will better meet the individual needs and the long-term development of SMEs.

    many forms of borrowing, both between urban and rural residents of with its own idle funds paid or unpaid forms of lending to each other, and between individual private entrepreneurs for borrowing. Flexible, convenient and quick. Hop by hop, relative to the Bank's regular loan period and a series of applications for the processing of, private lending threshold is low, easing the conditions, time for the success is short, for individuals and small businesses to solve life facilitates the production needed.

    but it's worth noting is, along with the folk boom in the financial markets, borrowing becomes the focus of public opinion, it has the legitimacy, but on the interest rate issue is strictly regulated, borrowing contract rate shall not exceed a maximum of similar Bank lending rates four times, over bank rate four times times the loan sharks of the genus, usury is partly protected by law. So borrowers can best make the contract rate is less than four times, so that their interests can be protected by law. Investors had better avoid a "promissory note" representative in the form of contracts, signed loan contracts will benefit both parties.


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