Experts say the "usurious financial model is suicide"

    Stern and clear warning, and then, continuing into the credit market, must take responsibility for their actions.

    chain of private finance at risk. From North to South, more and more private finance chain break, slump in the real economy to sustain high financing costs. In Wenzhou, the processing of civil financial chain, has repeatedly stressed that the Government does not protect more than 4 times the interest rate lending.

   , feudal chains who are supposed to watch, to withdraw in a timely manner, but there is still fire moths, they control risks are from long to short loan within three months. This just let the drum at a speed faster, and does not reduce the risk nothing but increased risk. Obviously, the shortened loan period rising borrowing costs at the same time, is a sign of financial risk to the late.

    on entering the credit market's civil service, official formal financial institutions, should be punished, in particular the use of Bank funds through various means "operation twist" into the credit market, severely punished. Meanwhile, compliance of private finance for development, compliance management of medium and small financial institutions to find a way to price risk to attract private funds, develop seed fund, with a stake in cultivating promising start-ups of high risk. Finally, the firm changed the stock market and other markets, "money market" in nature, where private investment funds with a fair investment market can take root.

    citizens concerned about the case of Wu Ying, oppose indiscriminate killing of the innocent, did not mean that usury is correct, but Wu Ying case the folk behind the financing difficulties and financial monopolies, and vaguely revealed the terrible way of assets, against Wu Ying, be sacrificed. Is to clean up the loan sharks, developing civil finance, Wu Ying has to be careful, making it a fair law enforcement, development of private finance, put an end to loan-sharking case of rent-seeking and asset disposal. China does not need to sacrifice, need to be fair markets.


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