SME lending rules

    We know, this year of SMEs survival, and development very difficult, reasons main is raw materials price and labor wage, cost in this year has significantly of rose, Enterprise profit fell serious, so, many SMEs to support, only relies on loan through through, but Bank loan is exists with dive rules, usually State-owned and joint-stock commercial banks in loan aspects has dive rules: State-owned, and joint-stock commercial banks will SMEs loan as high risk loan This rule seriously affected SMEs, which are essentially loan grading, to the vast number of small business loans to unfair characterization.

    when our small business loans are unspoken rules, follow is the loan to raise the threshold, increasingly stringent loan conditions, the conditions for loans to SMEs typically takes at least a fixed assets as collateral, such as mortgage loans and, secondly, risk management of small and medium enterprises to monitor, when the SMEs have turned sour, enterprises are experiencing regulators, credit was arranged collection, hack, Part enterprise of managers even retired Hou also to was held responsibility, this loan system in must degree Shang reflect out Bank not willing to loan to SMEs, Bank of wishes is will loan issued to qualification good, has fixed assets and scale larger of some large or listed company, and these large or listed company of financing channel apparently to than these SMEs more, financing relative easy, but Bank is often fell on deaf ears, consider more of is Bank credit of profit, ignored has SMEs, And these large or listed company is easily of get bank loan Hou, money more hot, so will these money put to civil borrowing institutions, again by civil borrowing loan to SMEs, these large or listed company only sat received high interest, this species phenomenon serious effect credit mechanism, caused credit not fair phenomenon, experts calls for: Bank need on credit mechanism for reform, Government need guide Bank near SMEs, assist Bank developed meet SMEs loan of products, SME loans as the primary task and responsibility.

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