Not rely on small unsecured loans!

    public funding gaps in business, want to do microfinance and don't think procedures of trouble, trouble was misled into believing that the loan small ads, short of money, he not only failed to credit success, also was tricked 2800 Yuan.

    on June 13, full of regret, Zhang, accompanied by his wife, to Springs police. Zhang said he is couple being in the commodities business, this time in need of 100,000 yuan, and he wanted to by bank loans, loan cumbersome and required collateral and guarantees that he has yet to go through.

    on June 10, the poles on the street saw an "unsecured" ad, which to his delight, back home, he called small ads on the phone. Zhongxing West Street post office savings bank staff, other said he was providing 100,000 yuan loan without mortgage, monthly 6%, also need to pay a fee of 1.5%. Zhang said it wanted to apply for loans, they let their identity card into the ZTE West Street post office in front of the mailbox, two days later, someone will call him.

    June 11 at 10 o'clock, his identity card into the specified mailbox, and meeting fees for 1500 Yuan to each other to account. Received the money said they asked Zhang to pay margin lending. Eager to loan does not want to, and gave each other meeting to 1300. Two days later, he once again dial mobile phone ask for loans, they asked him to additional hazard, he now knows to be fooled.

    police reminder for "unsecured" advertisements, members of the public to be more careful, be discounted, go to the site to view, if you have to pay the cost of the company must be a liar. Also don't make remittances to strange accounts, be sure to clear consulting to the financial services sector.

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