The most detailed mortgage loan purchase process

    mortgage loan purchase process has many problems buyers want to know, and today we'll learn more about it.

    mortgage loan purchase process including real estate reviews loans and two parts.

   , real estate review

    before on application by the borrower, credit cooperatives (Department) needs to be provided a personal review of the real estate mortgage, real estate review specific operational processes for: developer application → project → review, signed project cooperation agreement approval → → post-loan supervision.

    apply to the real estate companies, credit cooperatives (Department) requested real estate company (hereinafter "Developer") submitted the following information:

    1, written application;

    2, company information, including business license, tax registration certificate, corporate code certificate, business regulations, credit card, bank account the situation, Company profile, legal representative or authorized agent, such as certificates, resolutions of the shareholders ' meeting;

    3, project information, including qualification grade certificate in real estate development, construction and planning permits, construction project planning permit, construction permit, information on State-owned land use permit, project budget, pre-sale permit, etc.

    4, rural credit cooperatives that need to provide additional information.

    investigation procedures are the main content of the project legitimacy, project funding is in place, the basic situation of the project, market prospects and benefits. Field survey of the project to verify written information, project status investigations investigation reports, will investigate the censors, approval and developers of personal housing loan project signed the cooperation agreement.

    II, loan operations process

    process for borrowers pre-loan investigation → applications → review and approval → sign a loan contract involving insurance, notary, security procedures, such as data archiving → → → loans loan loan repayment management → → clean withdrawal charge.

    (a) the borrower to apply for

    borrowers to apply for personal loans, home buyers must be an existing home or multi layer structure capped, senior completed a total investment over two-thirds of the auction. Require borrowers to complete personal property loans form and provide the following information:

    1, borrower ID (identity card, residence booklet or other valid residence certificate);

    2, marital status (married to provide a marriage certificate or a certificate of marriage registration certificate issued by the husband-wife relationship, unmarried provide unmarried certificate);

  &Nbsp;  3, the first payment of not less than the price of 30% documents; but on the purchase of the first set of owner-occupied housing and 90 square meters the following executable not less than 20% of the down-payment; buying commercial façade of the down-payment shall not be less than 40%.

    4, real estate Department printed, has the legal effect of contract of sale of commercial housing;

    5, common consent proved to homes as collateral;

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