Loans need to be cautious and guard against online fraud!

    online fraud means:

    (1): publication of false information. Offenders or phishing Web site address, and page content, or exploit a vulnerability on real-world Web server programs, fake lenders on the site page, inserting false information.

    (2): the rhetoric of deposit fraud. College students navigate their registration information on the Internet, Crooks will use the QQ, MSN, phone, get in touch with each other.

    (3): obtaining their trust, and promise each other loan requirements to gain trust. Also looking for a variety of reasons to send money to a bank account.

    day loan teaches you how to be on guard:

    (1) confirm authenticity contact. Leave contact information on the website, address of which 114 phone number you can call to verify, to confirm the phone number belongs to line with the registered address on the site.

    (2), confirm the authenticity of the pages of your Web site. Best regular on site on the Web, as long as it is automatically pop up a page or Web site, reason is not recommended.

    (3) money transfer needs to watch out for caution. Always pay attention to changes in the surrounding environment, calm thinking, does not trust people easily, not cheap, keep an eye on their belongings, awareness, you can avoid being cheated.

    (4) the lender to charge, is certainly a liar.

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